A meditative tool to investigate wholeness, re-birth, and continuity.


Designed in collaboration with my design partner and girlfriend Grace, the Endless Serpent is a continuous stamp designed to be used as a catalyst for meditation. The octagonal shape is intended to keep the user from rushing through the process of ink transfer. Much like the ouroboros, it represents wholeness, continuity, and patience. You can complete the snake by adding the head and tail stamp at the end.


Designed as a flatpack, the base structure is laser cut out of 0.207” inch wood. The rubber stamp is laser engraved and then applied to the wooden structure. A wooden dowel is inserted into the middle to allow for two-handed use. 


This design is a modern take on the ancient symbol of the ouroboros. Although originally used in alchemy, I’ve adapted the concepts implied by the ouroboros itself, and applied it to something anyone can use, whether it be meditative or simply for fun.