01 // AGE OF FOG

Designing the future of intimate memory storage within hard product.


This project is the brainchild of myself and my close friend and design partner Jackson. Memory Glimpse explores personal data as hard-memory. Store your precious data in a 25lb occipital lobe. 


With a 120gb SSD inside, this is a secure place to store instances of the past. The media chosen can be anything the user desires. Imagery, text, and audio act as an archive for glimpses of life that are too heavy to hold ourselves. Here we hold our mementos of love, heartbreak, dreams, and inspirations.


Our current material options are concrete and resin, however we can support nearly any material a user can provide or come up with.



Beginning with a 3D printed model of a skull, a rubber mold is generated. After that we carefully place the protected solid-state drive into place and pour the material we desire. Once complete, we fill the drive with some starter data which contains personal information Jackson and I desire to share with the user. They can choose to delete or save this information, however the main purpose is for the user to fill it with their own precious, important, or personal data.